Use your enema bulb with care

When you are considering inserting something into your anus, one of the most common problems is hygiene. Some people simply go to the bathroom just before performing their anal activities and wash briefly, while others want to do a full deep wash so they don’t end up in a bad position in the middle of a torrid intercourse.

That’s where the enemas come in. Indeed, some people swear by enemas. Even if they do not engage in regular anal activity, simply for their well-being and cleanliness, enemas have many benefits. If you’re going to do this, there are some things you need to know first.

What's a pear enema ?

An enema bulb is a device usually consisting of a tube and a container that can hold water or a special enema liquid called enema solution. These are small, rounded pumps that cleanse the rectum. Indeed, after inserting the liquid into your anus, you will simply have to use gravity to complete your enema.

The benefits of the enema pear


As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people use pears for enema even though they do not engage in anal activity, but for what reasons?

Enemas can do wonders for your health, they can relieve you from chronic constipation and even cleanse all kinds of bacteria that are not very good for your colon.

Of course, when you’re about to insert the brand new anal plug in your collection, the benefits are a little more obvious. Have you ever had to clean some (or a lot) of feces on your plug after a big session?

That’s because your rectum is basically a holding area for all your ugly little feces. When you go to the toilet or bathroom before a report to “rough clean” yourself, some unwanted parts don’t go away.

When you use an enema bulb, you make sure that all its little bits can really go and practice your anal activity without any unpleasant surprises, and especially without dirtying your sublime anal plug.

The other benefit of enemas before anal activity, which no one talks about, is that it will help your body prepare for what is about to happen. If you’ve ever filled a water balloon, you know that water will completely fill the balloon regardless of its shape.

It works the same way with your rectum, the water will really go everywhere, filling the deepest and hardest to reach corners. Then, just like a water balloon, the pressure will gradually increase, stretching your rectum. The effect is the same as if you use a small plug before going to the next size up. The enema can therefore also be used as a “warm-up” before anal intercourse.

How do you use your enema bulb ?

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Although it seems easy to place an enema bulb in your ass and squeeze out the water, there is actually a technique that may not seem obvious at first. Your main goal during an enema is to achieve peristalsis, which is a voluntary spasm of the muscles of the colon. This helps and sucks the incoming fluids to move in a wave-like motion, sending all the dirt back to your rectum.

Just press on the pear to force the water in and you’ll notice that you’ll be filled faster than expected. This is due to water entering the rectum too quickly. If you go too fast you risk blocking the muscles in your rectum because of the water flow.

Any water that you add after this moment will be useless, in fact if you want the water to move slowly and reach every corner of your rectum you must gradually increase the pressure inside by slowly pressing on the pear.

It is extremely important to be comfortable when performing an enema. If you regularly use an anal plug, you’ll have a small advantage because you’ll be used to having things inside your ass for an extended period of time.

Still, the process is very different from almost anything you will ever experience, and relaxation is the key. If you are not relaxed, the muscles of your anus may contract. And tension usually leads to your buttocks closing, so it could be much harder for you to insert the pear if you’re not perfectly relaxed.

The right position for a successful anal enema


Most people will lie down when they use their enema pears. While you can practice your enema in almost any position, the most important thing is that you find a position in which you feel comfortable.

The place where you perform your enema can also make a difference. Some people like to do this in a comfortable space like a living room, where they can get some natural light while they get settled and clean.

But once you turn the water on, you can’t control its flow ! Make sure you have enough towels with you and avoid doing your enema in a place you don’t want to get dirty, such as grandma’s couch when you’re on vacation at your grandparents’ house. If you’re worried about getting dirty, you should settle for your bathroom floor.

Once you’re settled in a comfortable position and in a suitable place. Insert the tip of the pear in your anus, if you have lubricant do not hesitate to put a few drops it will always facilitate the passage. Once the tip is inserted, gradually press the enema bulb until it is empty and let the water run (Don’t forget to use gravity!).

At any time, if you feel pain for more than a minute, stop and empty what’s left in your ass. If you see that you’re not quite clean, you can start the operation again once the pain has subsided. Continuing in spite of the pain will not only be incredibly uncomfortable, but could also damage your sensitive internal muscles.


It is to take your time, adding only small amounts of water or enema solution by gradually squeezing your pear. Cramps can be a big problem during your enema, but they will usually go away if you rest for about a minute before adding more fluid. Once you have reached the point where you can no longer stand the pain, you need to take a break and let your bowels empty.



Because the colon forms a kind of frame around your torso, it also extends in many different directions. Getting the liquid to the most remote locations can be a real challenge.

Some people like to change position mid-wash to help the liquid disperse. Once the lower part of your colon is filled, the fluid must pass from the left to the right side of your body. Once you get to the right you can let the solution flow naturally.

Massaging your stomach can also be a great help. Do it in the same way as if you were full and trying to move things forward, but in the opposite direction.

The different enema solutions

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There are a wide variety of types of enema solutions that you can use to cleanse your rectum. What you’re going to do with it depends on what you want to achieve. For the most basic cleaning function before anal play, a simple water enema should suffice.

The water should be slightly above your body temperature, between 35 and 40 degrees. Using water that is too cold for your body can cause extra contractions and cramps, making your anal enema more difficult or even impossible. Water that is too hot could simply burn your rectum and colon, and that’s really not pleasant at all.

You may end up thinking that if you face all his problems, you can do it right. This could make you test all types of enema solutions available. One of the most popular is the coffee-based enema solution.

That sounds surprising, and yet that’s exactly what you think. Adepts boil the coffee beans, then let it cool before pumping the liquid with their enema pears and inserting it into their colon.

Caffeine and palmitic acid are two important chemicals in the enema process. These chemicals are meant to reach your liver and help produce bile in your colon. If a coffee enema sounds like an enema solution you would like to try, you can ask about the specific blends available, which focus on a high caffeine and palmitic acid content.

safety first

Can enemas be harmful ?

So far, we have only talked about the good sides of enemas, but it is important to know that like all good things in life, there are bad sides. If you use your enema bulb incorrectly, you can cause serious damage to your whole body. Therefore, if you plan to use it regularly before each use of your favourite anal plug, it is best to know the risks.

As long as you are careful when you do your enema and don’t do it too regularly, there should be no negative effects caused by cleaning your little ass.

You need to pay special attention to the ingredients used in the ready-made solutions you can buy in stores. Senna is the ingredient that you need to pay special attention to. This plant is basically used for constipation problems, so it can cause diarrhea and dehydration. If you continue to have loose stools, you will become even more dehydrated, which in the long run can cause serious health problems.

The type of solution you choose to use has other dangers. In general, and like most things in life, if you don’t exaggerate it should go well. If you use the same type of enema solution all the time, you can have negative effects.

For example, too frequent use of coffee enemas can damage the liver because of other chemicals in the coffee bean. It’s also possible for iron to leak out of your body during an enema, causing a deficiency if you use it too often. Overuse of Epsom salt solution can cause hypomagnesemia due to the high magnesium content of the salt. Too many soda enemas can unbalance your body’s pH, causing excess alkalinity in the colon. Whatever solution you decide to use, make sure you are well informed about its ingredients and the risks to your body.

Should I use my enema bulb before my anal plug ?

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There’s a lot to take in with the enema pears, no pun intended. They definitely belong in a pre-anal cleaning routine. I wouldn’t recommend using your pear every time you use your anal plug alone, but doing a small enema every once in a while to clean up any remaining feces won’t hurt.

Personally, I would avoid certain slightly home-made and alternative versions of enema solutions. The old-fashioned enema has existed since ancient times and is used for all types of deep cleansing. This type of enema has much less negative effects.

Make sure you know exactly what you’re putting in your ass, just like you would when choosing your anal plug. If you’re not sure there won’t be a problem, then be careful and don’t use it.


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