How do I clean an anal plug ?

How to clean an anal plug

It is of utmost importance for your health and pleasure that you use a clean anal plug for your session. So this article is here to save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

How do I clean my anal plug properly ?

No matter how clean your rectum is, there are always residual bacteria left on your plug that can start to multiply if it is not properly disinfected right after use. For the purposes of this guide we will separate plugs into two categories : porous and non-porous, depending on the type of material they are made of.

Porous plugs

Porous anal plugs

Porous plugs are made of materials such as hard plastic, fake skin, elastomer, rubber, nylon and neoprene. It is important that you check which material it is, so that you know how best to clean it.

They should be cleaned simply with mild soap and a little warm water, assuming you clean it directly after use. If you don’t clean your porous plug immediately after use, bacteria can grow inside and make your plug dangerous to your health.

Do not use abrasive products when cleaning your porous plug, as they can damage the surface of the plug, allowing bacteria to infiltrate more easily.

Non-porous plugs

metal anal diamond plug

Non-porous plugs are made from materials such as glass, silicone and stainless steel. For non-porous plugs, cleaning again depends on the type of material. For plugs made from heat-resistant materials such as glass and stainless steel, simply immerse them in boiling water for about 10 minutes before allowing them to cool.

For plugs made from non-heat resistant materials, such as silicone for example, wash them with mild soap and warm water as you would a porous plug.

You can also choose to boil one of his plugs. But this is strongly discouraged because heat can cause the toy to deform.

Plugs with a tail

sangoku and his tail

If you’re using a plug with an animal tail attached, you first need to know if it’s real fur (which is not the case with the plugs in the Plug House, because we love animals too much for that.) or high-quality fake fur.

If it is a real animal tail, you should not immerse it completely in water when you wash it, as the extra weight of the water could cause it to deteriorate.

Instead, use a cold damp cloth soaked in mild soap and gently dab the tail without adding too much water. Use a hair dryer at low temperature to dry the tail instead of hanging it up to dry, as this could also damage the tail.

If you use a plug with a fake fur tail, you can immerse it completely in soap and water and wash it gently. Once your tail is dry, whether it’s real or fake fur, you will need to brush it as you would your hair so that it regains its splendor and volume.


And that’s the end, once again this article is the answer to the many questions we receive from DM on twitter.
Hoping that now your toys are as clean as possible !


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