How do I insert and remove an anal plug ?

How do I insert and remove an anal plug

Although many aspects of the process of inserting and removing an anal plug are covered in our descriptions or briefly mentioned in some of our articles, it is important that we also offer a concise and detailed guide based on the basics.

Where to start ?

where to start anal

Once you have done some pre-stretching of the anus with your fingers and feel ready, you can start slowly inserting your plug. Make sure your anus and the plug are well lubricated and start inserting it slowly. Also make sure you use the right type of lubricant for your plug, depending on the type of material it is made of.

Insert the anal plug fully

Insert the anal plug fully cartoon animation

When the end of the plug reaches the sphincter muscles, about 4 cm inside the rectum, push slowly, while trying to consciously relax your muscles.

The sphincter usually contracts and releases without our knowledge, and can sometimes refuse to cooperate even when we are focused on achieving what we want. If this happens, it’s probably due to anxiety, but you will need to continue to relax, for example, with vaginal stimulation.

Once your sphincter is relaxed, the end of the plug will pass through, but you can still have difficulty with your sphincter, squeezing itself when the larger part of the plug starts to pass through.

If this happens, you will need to stop pushing and hold your plug in place until the sphincter relaxes, then start pushing again. Do it as many times as it takes to make the plug go all the way.

Remove the anal plug easily

How do I insert and remove an anal plug ?

When you are ready to remove the plug, grab the plug stem and start pulling gently and gradually . The problem with removing a plug is that unlike inserting, when removing a plug you must first remove the larger part.

The problem is that by the time you want to extract it, the sphincter will have already tightened around the narrow part just after the stem and will be reluctant to let go. It’s essential that you don’t just try to shoot it like a horse.

Your hand and sphincter must work in coordination to remove the plug in the safest and most painless way possible.

So, when you remove the plug, you must first try to push with your sphincter as if you were in the toilet, and pull the plug with the stem with your hand at the same time.

At first you will feel like nothing is moving, but if you keep pulling the plug gently with your hand while pushing with your sphincter, it will start to come out slowly.

You're almost there !

Once the widest part of the plug is out, the rest is pretty easy. That said, you shouldn’t pull it out too quickly, because (depending on the material and how long you wear the plug) friction can cause pain and some tears on the walls of your rectum.

This guide also applies to tail anal plugs, as well as to all other types of anal plugs.

Once the plug is safely out, you’re done (but don’t forget to clean your plug right after!).


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