Is it safe to share an anal plug ?

Is it safe to share an anal plug

You started having fun with an anal plug on your partner, does he really like it ? And it turns you on so much that you want to try it, too ? All you have to do is remove the plug and use it on yourself, right ?

Not so fast, there are risks you need to know about !

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Essentially, although the anal plugs themselves are largely safe as long as you know what you are doing with them when you start sharing them from one person to another, you are opening a whole Pandora’s box about your health.

If it is a toy that has been used vaginally, then you need to decide whether you have full confidence in your partner to have unprotected sex. If you don’t want to endanger your health, put a condom on it.

When you use your toys anal, it’s completely different, there are many more bacteria to consider. These bacteria can easily be transferred to your toy during insertion, and if you don’t use lubricant and tear the lining of your anal wall, you can also add blood-borne infections to the bacteria cocktails.

So I never have to share my anal toys with my partner ?

The best answer is, no. It is much healthier and more hygienic to have separate toys for you and your partner. Of course, not everyone will, during a report because of the excitement, the moment will simply be stronger than you.

If you want to share your toys, you must clean them thoroughly before your partner starts using them. You can refer to our cleaning guide for more information on how to do this most effectively.

You should also keep in mind what materials your toys are made of. More specifically, whether it is a porous or non-porous material.

Porous materials are essentially materials covered with tiny holes. Bacteria inside your anus can easily squeeze through these small holes. So, even if you think you scrubbed it well and consider it clean, it may not be.

Anal plugs made of non-porous materials

Is it safe to share an anal plug ?

The 100% silicone plug, although it is non-porous and can be used safely after washing, you must make sure you have a toy that is 100% silicone. If mixed with other materials, it could compromise the porosity of the toy, making it easier for bacteria to enter.

Metal anal plug or glass plugs. These are probably the safest plugs you can share. You can use any cleaning technique on them and even boil them to make sure all bacteria are killed.

Anal plugs made of porous materials

Is it safe to share an anal plug ?

Thermoplastic rubber plugs made of this material will certainly harbour many bacteria. There have even been studies in the United States where a thermoplastic toy could retain traces of various sexually transmitted diseases for up to several days even after cleaning. If you have to share a thermoplastic plug, make sure you use a condom.

Latex and elastomer plugs, like thermoplastic, are porous, but are also very difficult to clean properly. The use of a condom is generally recommended both to stay safe and to enjoy a nice, cool plug.

Gelatinous plugs

It is strongly advised to always use a condom with this type of plug. Whether you share it or not. The materials used for this type of toy can not only be porous, but sometimes even toxic. Moreover, it is known that it is difficult to know what “gelatine” is made of.

We hope this article will give you an insight on how to share your plug safely, but if you’re still worried about it. Pretend your toy is a part of your body, if you would use a condom for yourself, then do the same for your plug.


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