Inflatable anal plugs


The inflatable anal plug

You've always dreamed of buying an anal plug, but you're afraid to take action. You're wondering if they're going to be painful, or maybe they're too big? Fear not, we now have the solution: The inflatable anal plug.

Inflatable anal plug: who is it for ?

An inflatable anal plug is a sexual object that is nothing like a classic metal, silicone or glass plug. It is an object intended for anal penetration, sexual pleasure, and especially sexual excitement for those who greatly appreciate dilation or those who fantasize about it. This kind of plug has a particular vocation which is anal dilation during sexual intercourse. If you've never experienced sodomy before, or you've never tried plugs and don't know your body properly yet, an inflatable plug may not be for you. It is true that it can sometimes be useful to learn more about your anus, but like any muscle, sphincter muscles dilate better with practice, so regular anal sex and sodomy will help you feel more comfortable with your anus and the nerve endings that make it up, and will also help you achieve regular anal orgasms.

Let's get back to the inflatable anal plug. This plug, made of silicone is the best way to dilate an anus or vagina from the inside. Very appreciated by BDSM amateur couples, this plug can offer an exceptional dilatation. The perfect thing about this sex object is that it can get into your anus when it's deflated. You can then inflate it inside you, then deflate it to remove it. By this process, the inflatable anal plug will not damage your sphincter muscles but will still allow some dilation.

This plug, when used in a heterosexual couple, will really make a difference. Let's say you insert this plug into your wife's anus and then inflate it to maximum. The plug will press so much on the anal wall that your wife's vagina will tighten inside, a kind of contraction phenomenon, which will amplify the sensations felt. This will give more pleasure to the lady who will feel full, it will also stimulate her clitoris from the inside and her G spot. As for the gentleman, his erect penis can experience the pleasure of a very tight vagina. However, be careful not to ejaculate too quickly, as it is well known that premature ejaculations are not what women prefer. Making love properly requires knowing your body, having self-control and paying attention to the other person.

Our opinion on the inflatable anal plug : It is a plug that for us is aimed at people who know a minimum of their bodies or who want to learn more about their bodies. The inflatable anal plug is therefore not intended for pure beginners, but rather for people with some experience. However, unlike an XL, it is a plug that does not require years of experience in anal dilation.

What is an inflatable anal plug ?

They are simply ordinary anal plugs, at least they look very much like them, but their particularity is that they are much smaller (basic) than a traditional anal plug. They also have a pump that will allow you to inflate it to the size you want, so it's a perfect toy because it can be perfectly adapted to the size you are most comfortable with. To use it, simply insert the inflatable anal plug with lubricant beforehand and then pump until you reach paradise.

Our inflatable anal plugs: guaranteed 100% safe

The inflatable anal plugs that we offer are made from a guaranteed safe material, they are made from medical grade silicone. They have been tested and approved and are safe, they can very well be used inside your anus and present no risk of infection! Medical silicone is the only material strong enough to be swollen, it is 100% stretchable and will not burst. So don't worry and enjoy the fun the inflatable anal plug will bring you. As we like to please everyone, we offer two types of inflatable anal plugs.

  • The inflatable anal plug in conical shape, similar to a silicone anal plug, you won't be out of place with this one. It works just like a normal plug but has the particularity of being able to be inflated at your will which makes all its charm and takes care of all your pleasure.
  • The inflatable anal plug in the shape of a dildo, once properly inflated you can use it by slowly pulling it out and in from your anus while varying the pressure of the air until you reach orgasm.

Want to fly away to new sensations that you couldn't even imagine, so what are you waiting for?