Ponytail Plugs


Ponytail Plug : the ponyplay

If you're here, you probably know the petplay. A practice closely related to BDSM which is a sexual role play for fetishists. It's a very simple game where the owner of the animal is the master, and his companion with the tail is the submissive. In the world of petplay, the possibilities are enormous thanks to our wide range of anal plugs with a tail. The most domestic animals are dogs and cats. However it is true that horses are sometimes stubborn and require long hours of training to be tamed. Would you like to adopt one? Then check out our collection of ponytail plugs.

Ponytail Plug: Which horse do you want to be ?

There are two types of horses. The wild horses, born in their natural state, their instincts make them difficult to tame... they are often stubborn and do as they please. Then there are the domesticated horses, which are obedient and well-bred. Horses have very different personalities which will make your petplay very addictive. It's up to you to choose what kind of horse you are. But don't forget, in order to be fully immersed in the sexual role playing game, you need to buy the full equipment, the ponytail anal plug may not be enough.

Ponytail Plug: Quality above all

Our ponytail anal plugs are designed for wild and daring horses but also for nice and well-bred horses. The part of the anal plug that goes into your anus is made of medical grade silicone, this material is phthalate free, BPA free, latex free and rubber free. It is a controlled silicone that is guaranteed safe for the human body. The silicone of the ponytail plug is perfect for petplay because it is a silicone that will adapt to your anus and will be able to assume all the movements without falling down, it will remain stable throughout your role play.

The sensations of the ponytail plug

Real sexual object capable of transporting you in a psychic state of wild sexual excitement, this anal plug is a must have. Be careful, this anal plug does not have as a unique goal to excite you during your frolics or sexual activities, it will also get you an intense pleasure when you are going to insert it in your anus because its first vocation is to stimulate the thousands of nerve endings which compose your sphincter muscles. It can also dilate your anus but always take care of your partner with lots of caresses and a lot of sensuality when you use it. This sexual accessory brings eroticism to its peak and is also very useful during foreplay. Use it while giving fellatio to your partner to make his penis erect and prepare for penetration. You can also offer cunnilingus to stimulate your partner's clitoris. For optimal use of the ponytail plug it is also important to always use lubricant or water-based lubricants. According to sexologists, the best way to use it is during doggy style. You will have understood it, with this erotic accessory you will be able to have fun as in a real pornographic movie.

Ponytail Plug : Quality of the tail

We are now going to talk about the tail which composes the second part of the anal plug. You will have guessed it, this one is also of a superior quality. It is the minimum that we can guarantee you so that your role-playing games run without any problem. In order to answer as well as possible to your choice we propose the short ponytail plug as well as the long ponytail plug. The long ponytail plug is so solid that it can also be used as a whip for the naughty among you. You can also choose the color of your ponytail plug: Blonde, black, or grey. Our tails are so soft and delicate that you'll feel like you're stroking (or whipping) a real horse.

Why choose the ponytail plug

Thanks to the ponytail plug, get into the skin of a real creature of the wind. These elegant, graceful and high-quality tails will complete your petplay collection. It is the perfect anal toy for an equestrian show or bedroom performance.