Glass anal plugs

The glass anal plug :

The anus is narrower than the vagina, and even though there are a multitude of different sexual positions and foreplay, having a few extra possibilities is always better! Unfortunately, many partners that we will call "prude" fear anal sex for a variety of reasons. Luckily for you, you don't agree with them and that's why you're here!

To be honest, anal penetration provides pleasant sensations. But plugs are made for a reason: it's so that you don't slip anything in there! You necessarily need something safe for your anus. The rounded shape of the glass plug and its flat base to prevent it from going too far into your anus will give you the ultimate pleasure without taking any danger. You or your partner can play with the glass anal plug while it penetrates you or you can simply choose to keep it while the rest of your body is busy enjoying another erogenous zone, which can lead to multiple and increasingly intense stimulation.

With a glass anal plug, anal pleasure is in no way comparable with another plug or with a penis or your fingers. With a very smooth surface, all it takes is a little bit of lubricant to ensure that it penetrates your anus precisely. With its hypoallergenic material, this sex toy is one of the plugs that you can keep for several hours in your anus. It will put pressure on your prostate: P spot, if you are a man, or on your G spot in women. Several sizes and shapes are available on our shop in order to give you several possibilities of choice to enjoy anal stimulation if you are a beginner or if you are an expert in anal. It is clear that this kind of sex toy will not leave your erogenous zones indifferent, if you use it during a masturbation session or if you use it in couple, the glass anal plug will satisfy your orifices.

Let's be sincere, in sexual intercourse, whether it's vaginal penetration or sodomy, in both cases it's an excellent and intense sensation. The anal plug was created for several reasons including this one: Unlike other sex toys, it has the ability to stay in place inside your anus for as long as you want! You can stimulate your erogenous zones at the same time, you can also masturbate with passion while feeling the pressure that your anal plug exerts in your orifice.

Glass anal plug: Why is it so special ?

Maybe you have been using a silicone or metal plug for a while now and feel the need to try a new material in order to feel new sensations? If silicone offers comfort and flexibility while metal is stronger and rougher for anal penetration... why use a glass anal plug ? What's the point? And for whom?

Let's answer the last question first: it's for everyone! Glass plugs combine art, aesthetics and pleasure. The high quality glass used in the manufacture of our glass anal plugs makes them impossible to break, yet still very easy to handle. A surface smoother than silicone ensures more comfortable penetration, better control and easier handling. Similar to our entire collection of plugs, the glass anal plug is available in a variety of sizes, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred size to suit your needs.

Glass Plug: A perfect look for your anus

If you have browsed through this collection, then you are sure of one thing: most if not all glass anal plugs are transparent, transparency is the key to a front row view inside your partner's anus or yourself for your partner. What other sex toy will allow you such a view? None.

The glass anal plug is not only transparent

Just like silicone, these are available in a variety of colours, each more attractive than the next: from blue to pink, violet and many more. And if that's not your business (which is a pity), our glass anal plugs are also available in more opaque colours. To add a little more perversity, opt for a glass anal plug with a furry tail to indulge in multiple role-playing games and bring out your animal instincts while adding a bit of fun to your room!

Glass anal plug: A lot of possibilities

It's up to you to choose whether or not you're going to crack and "introduce" them into your collection. Are you ready to open up a wider range of possibilities and add a little steam to your hot nights ?

Glass anal plug: who is it for ?

The glass anal plug is nothing like a silicone plug or a plastic plug. This type of plug is more like a metal anal plug. Why is it more like a metal anal plug? Because glass is a rigid material that can be heated or cooled just like metal. The glass anal plug is a suitable plug to insert into your partner during foreplay, it will allow you to prepare your partner's anus, you can just after inserting it you can indulge in a crazy cunnilingus while maintaining your sexual excitement by watching the beautiful glass anal plug deliciously integrated into his anus. Your intercourse and sexual acts will not be the same once the glass anal plug is inserted into the bedroom, your erections will not be the same.

Let's get back to the basics. Because of its size, this plug is more for people who practice sodomy quite regularly. It is suitable for an audience of anal sex initiates who already have plugs but who want to test different materials. It is also aimed at people who prefer aesthetics in sex: beautiful lingerie, heels, masks, accessories; the glass anal plug is a perfect anal jewel for those who combine sexual aesthetics with excitement and sexual pleasure.

Glass anal plug: A quality material

The first thing we should talk about is the composition of our range of glass anal plugs. If you've ever inadvertently broken a glass, you might wonder why it breaks so easily. This is largely because of the exact materials used in the manufacturing process. The glass used for things like house and car windows has to be much, much harder to resist the forces that are constantly acting on them. However, glass used in everyday objects is much weaker and more likely to break because it is not supposed to withstand the same kind of pressure.

What does this have to do with glass anal plugs ? First of all, the stronger the type of glass used to make your plug is, the less likely it is to break. I'm not trying to scare you because our glass anal plugs are made of high quality materials, so it is impossible for your glass anal plug to break. However, there are two types of glass that you can find in stores. Pyrex and borosilicate. Borosilicate is ideal because it can withstand very high temperatures without breaking, so you can safely immerse your glass anal plug in boiling water to make it more comfortable and sterile between uses.

Glass anal plug: are there any risks ?

The glass anal plug is ultimately one of the best in terms of materials and sensations, we use solid glass. It's a very hygienic material like silicone and metal, if you treat it with the same care we recommend in our articles on how to treat your anal plugs and make sure you clean it carefully, you should not miss out on having fun with your glass anal plug, so take a look at our range of glass anal plugs today!

To reassure you, it is important for us to tell you that our glass anal plugs cannot break, so you don't risk cutting yourself when you are using one to penetrate your anus. So there is no reason to be afraid. After a crazy anal session, it is very important to wash your plug. Anal penetration can leave some germs on the surface of the plug and bad smells, that's why it's important to wash it. To do this, you can use hot water because the plug is resistant to it but always make sure to increase the temperature slowly so as not to cause a thermal shock on the plug. By following all these tips, you will be able to keep your anal sextoy for a very long time.

Still sceptical about buying your glass anal plug ?

This detailed description highlights the wonderful advantages of a glass anal plug; its material, its aesthetics, its intense sexual sensations and the divine stimulation it will offer you. Making love with a glass anal plug will totally change your view of sex. It's a sex toy that has a lot of fans.