Vibrating anal plugs


The vibrating anal plug

No, the vibrating plug doesn't allow you to move your ass but to make it vibrate. Joking apart from this unisex sex toy, is ideal for both men and women.

Perfect for beginners, the vibrations of the vibrating plug will help your anus to relax, a relaxed anus is the key to a quick orgasm. Speaking of orgasms, the vibrating plug is undoubtedly the must have for an anal orgasm :

The deep and intense vibrations will penetrate the flesh of the anus and spread pleasure and excitement. Men, those lucky ones with prostate will be able to reach anal orgasm very quickly thanks to this type of vibrating plug. New sensations guaranteed. Women however, are not left out because the vibrations of the plug in their anus will also vibrate the vaginal wall right on the G spot thanks to the shape of the vibrating plug which will be very pleasant for her.

In addition, the anal orgasm is up to 6 times stronger than a traditional orgasm, the expression go up to 7th heaven then takes all its meaning thanks to the vibrating plugs. We remind you that the vibrating plug can be very addictive because of the sensations it provides.

Vibrating plug in couple

As a couple, the vibrating plug is the one that will allow you to play best with your partner. Indeed, you will be able to regulate your partner's pleasure and increase his excitement in order to return him to your mercy until he begs you to give him the orgasm he deserves.

The vibrating plug can also be a lot of fun when you go out as a couple. Indeed, the models equipped with a remote control will allow you to leave the plug in your anus and let your partner play with it. Sensations, excitement and fun guaranteed. With a vibrating plug in you, your only desire will be to go home and have a memorable sex party.

The quality of our vibrating plugs

Our vibrating anal plugs are available in two materials: high quality stainless steel and medical grade silicone (silicone used for surgery). Silicone is hypoallergenic and phthalate-free. These materials are of very high quality and risk-free because your safety is our priority when using our products. We also have a wide choice of colors and shapes to satisfy the desires of all our customers. So please feel free to take a look at our collection of vibrating plugs.

Now let's talk about what we are most interested in, the vibrating anal plug vibrator. Each of the stainless steel vibrating plugs has a vibrator equipped with a remote control that is separate from the plug so that you or your partner can take control of it. The silicone plugs, on the other hand, have a button on the base of the plug so that you can change the frequency of the vibrations. Vary from small exciting vibrations to fast orgasmic vibrations to drive your partner crazy (hmmm).

The sensations of the vibrating anal plug :

Real sex-toys trends and powerful sexual stimulants, the vibrating plugs are a must for sexual pleasure in couple or solo as well as intense sexual intercourse. With this plug, you will be able to reach anal orgasm (prostatic orgasms) if you are a man and for women, its powerful vibrations will even stimulate your clitoris. If over the years and during your sexual activity, you have realized that you were rather vaginal sexually speaking and that clitoral stimulation or cunnilingus are not your cup of tea, then the vibrating plug is 100% made for you. This kind of sextoys will give you pleasure from the moment you enter the vagina. If you have a partner, then try to penetrate you through his erect penis while the plug is vibrating in your anus. The sensations will be intense for him as well as for you. Your genitals and vulva will experience such ecstasy that the vibrating plug will quickly become your favourite sex toy. As recommended by sexologists, always make sure you use regular or water-based lubricant when using a plug, even if it is a vibrating model. Also watch your partner, as this type of plug can provoke such sexual excitement that it could cause him or her to ejaculate prematurely. The vibrating plug can also be used alone for anal or vaginal masturbation, but it will make sense during sex. It will effectively stimulate all your erogenous zones. During preliminaries to a sexual intercourse, you can insert the plug then make a fellatio to your partner, by this process you will be soaked with excitement. You can also make the plug vibrate in your anus while your partner is preparing to offer you the most erotic sodomy.

Vibrating plug : one last thing

Vibrating plugs can sometimes be intimidating for a beginner. But make no mistake, they are especially made for amateurs. They are very useful because they will help the penetration process by relaxing your sphincter muscles, and by strongly stimulating this erogenous zone. In fact, these plugs are so great that they are suitable for novices but are also very popular with anal sex experts. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best! What's more, the vibrating plug will really spice up your sex life, especially if you've been with your partner for a long time and the routine has become boring. So if you want to move on to anal sex, the vibrating plug is the toy you need to get started.


For an optimal use of your vibrating anal plug it is strongly advised:

  • To use your vibrating anal plug with water-based lubricant.
  • Also make sure to clean it well before and after each use to avoid bacterial contamination.
  • We also advise you to always wash your anus beforehand with a bulb of anal enema to avoid any unpleasant surprises that could harm your wild sex party.