Anal hooks


The anal hook, for whom is it a toy of choice ?

The practice of BDSM can be very attractive at times, what do you think? The silence in your torture chamber, with the smell of latex mixed with leather, suddenly the clack of the whip that breaks the air and then comes the clack of the high heels that hit the floor, aaah that emotions. BDSM is for many people the best way to realize their fantasies and is practiced by many fetishists, despite the fact that these practices may seem strange to some people, they are quite normal for others. Practicing it does not make you crazy, on the contrary, fulfilling your fantasies is very important for sexual fulfillment. Clearly, people for whom these practices seem shady do not know the pleasures and sensations such as being tied up, humiliated, subdued and tortured. Of course, these practices must be consensual on both sides and must not be imposed under any circumstances. You will have understood it, the anal hook is a very erotic and exotic sex toy which is used in couple. Exotic because it is really a sexual torture toy aiming to offer you a lot of anal pleasure but this sextoy also aims to offer you a very great sexual excitement that the followers of sadomasochism know well.

The anal hook: the object you need

In your opinion, what are we talking about BDSM for ? Bingo ! As you will have understood, the items of this collection were especially made for these practices. An anal hook is similar to a hook you might see at the butcher's with a piece of meat hanging from it. Of course, they are not the same, what we sell are more sophisticated, safer and have been specially created for men (don't be disappointed, let's see...) It's without a doubt that we can assure you that these hooks will give you the same sexual satisfaction as one of our anal plugs, they will even take you much further in terms of satisfaction. So you may be wondering, what makes them so special?

We advise you first to take a look at our collection. I feel that the idea of impaling yourself on one of these hooks like a piece of fresh meat is already building up a real excitement in you. When you've passed the anal plug and need more, this is obviously the hook you need. The big advantage of anal hooks compared to anal plugs is that the pressure can be changed as you wish in order to give you the pleasure (or exhilarating pain) that suits you.

The quality of our anal hooks

The safety and good health of our customers is one of our main concerns. Our anal hooks are made of high quality materials, like all our plugs, they are made of 100% stainless steel, a steel known for its firmness and robustness, so they will never rust and will be usable for a very long time. Don't forget to wash your anal hook before and after each use to avoid any risk of bacteria. We also inspect each of our products before selling them so that there are no imperfections that could hurt you. As you can see, the only thing you have to think about is your pleasure.

How do you use your anal hook ?

To use an anal hook, the process is very easy, it works like an anal plug. Insert the steel ball in your anus thanks to its shape, the hook will directly exert pressure on your prostate, or on your vaginal wall which will make you come like never before. You can then attach a rope to the end of the hook, and you can attach it to your partner's handles, or even to his ankles, we let you imagine all the possibilities. As you may know, this anal sex toy is the perfect addition to your bondage and fetish collection. So if you already own a whip, sexy leather outfits and anal plugs, the anal hook will fit perfectly with this outfit. It will also make a great gift for your submissive, who will surely appreciate being suspended from his anal hook. With these perverse and BDSM methods, the orgasm comes very quickly, so we control our breathing and we don't rush to make the pleasure last.

The sensations of the anal hook

Real object of sexual pleasure dedicated to soft torture in order to make you discover new orgasms, the anal hook is without a doubt the sexual object that BDSM practitioners prefer among all the available sextoys. It will not make you reach orgasm through its magical powers, but it is really through the sexual excitement it will offer you that it will promote your orgasms. If you don't have any libido problems, you enjoy a liberated sexuality and you are looking to add some spice to your sexual relations, why not try the erotic pleasure that the hook can offer you during a sexual act?

When we make love, first of all there is foreplay. To make love properly you have to start with good foreplay so that the eroticism reaches its peak. Tighten a rope around your partner's neck, tenderly insert the hook into his anus and then offer him a good cunnilingus. You can also subject her to give you fellatio while the hook maintains the beautiful curvature of her body. Gently increase sexual desire and then place your partner in the doggy-style position. The excitement will then be at its peak. With great sensuality, use your penis to penetrate your partner's vulva. Once your erection is at its peak, and your erogenous zones and genitals are on fire, it will be time for you to reach orgasm. Sexologists unanimously recommend the use of normal or water-based lubricants when using an anal hook because it can be painful if your genitals are too dry. If, however, it is used correctly with lubricant, you will not encounter any problems. The use of the hook is a sexual behavior that is similar to BDSM but is still light. The hook can therefore simply appeal to beginners who want to have a new sexual experience. It is a powerful stimulant during sex that could make you prematurely ejaculate if you don't pay attention to your breathing during sex. Even though it may look like a sex toy for hard sex, you can still pet your partner when you use it during sex. During sexual intercourse the hook can also stimulate the G-spot in women if you combine it with penetration. If you are still skeptical about using the anal hook, be aware that this will not make you a porn actress and its use is not pornography either. During your life as a couple, if you have an affinity for the anal, the hook is something quite normal.