Anal Rosary


Anal Rosary : The Complete Guide

Do you love anal sex and have questions about the anal rosary? Then you've come to the right place, this beginner's guide takes an in-depth look at the subject to explain all the practical tips, anal sensations and much more!

An anal rosary is a sexual object composed of several balls that fit into the anus. Wonder how those balls fit between her? It's simple, either with a string that connects the balls together, or with hard material that holds it all together. Several materials of rosary exist; silicone, metal, glass, plastic, at the house of the plug, we prefer the balls of anal rosary in silicone. Like any self-respecting anal sextoy, there are small sizes of rosary beads for the little rascals, then the size gradually increases to XXL anal beads to satisfy those who are greedy for dilation. Be careful with the XXL models because the anal sensations they provide are very intense. It is thus preferable to be an expert in anal when one wishes to be directed towards this kind of model. The small hearts that you can see at the edge of the rosaries are actually handles that allow you to remove the rosary beads from your anus without damaging your rectum and sphincter muscles.

What's an anal rosary ?

The anal rosary or anal beads is a sex toy belonging to the anal plug family. They usually take the form of a series of balls moulded together or connected by a piece of string. The balls that make up the anal toy are of increasing diameter so that the deeper the toy goes, the larger the diameter becomes.

Anal Rosary : Why choose this toy ?

In its design, an anal rosary is not very different from an anal plug, but why would people use anal beads instead? Unlike plugs, you won't feel the fullness and considerable stretch of keeping anal beads inside you for long periods of time. Rather, the pleasure comes from the action of inserting and removing them.

Because of the varying size of the beads, when you insert or remove anal beads, your sphincter muscles are constantly stretching and closing. This action stimulates the sensitive nerve endings around the opening of the anus. By stimulating these nerve endings during intercourse, and especially as you approach orgasm, you can take your sexual pleasure to a stratospheric level.

The anal rosary is also a very good sex toy to wear all day long. Practical and effective, you can wear it invisibly to massage your anus throughout the day. Anal beads also have a therapeutic effect, as they will strengthen the anus if used regularly.

Anal Rosary: how to use it ?

In order to get the most out of the anal and erogenous zone stimuli offered by a rosary and in order to achieve incomparable anal pleasure, it is wise to know how to use it.

First of all, an anal rosary will certainly not make you reach anal orgasm because that is not its main function. To get an orgasmic sextoy it is best that you consult our collections of anal plug-ins. So a rosary is used to excite your private parts by filling you with anal stimulation. It will thus offer a feeling of fullness to the user, the sensation of having a full buttocks. It will effectively stimulate the anal/vaginal wall that separates the rectum from the vagina or prostate because the areas surrounding the anal canal are very sensitive areas with thousands of nerve endings. So the simple act of caressing them will provoke a strong erection and prostatic pleasure in men and an excitation of the clitoris and G spot in women. Just like a plug, the rosary will be able to dilate your sphincter muscles in order to prepare you for anal penetration which will surely lead you to an orgasmic explosion.

Anal Rosary : the sensations

The anal rosary definitely has its place in your secret pleasure box, but it's wise to ask yourself what exactly does it feel like? Well, the main feelings of stimulation are entirely focused on this action of insertion and withdrawal. It's not supposed to be the same as traditional penis penetration or dildo penetration, as it tends to be much more vigorous.

Abnormal bead insertion tends to be much more deliberate, slowly opening and closing the anal sphincters to stimulate your nerve endings repeatedly. As long as you are relaxed and comfortable with the idea and feeling that something is entering your anus, then you should love the intense sensations of the anal rosary. However, you will need some training to master this toy in order to increase the sensation of orgasms tenfold.

Other sensations can also be amplified by inserting anal beads. This depends largely on the design and material of your anal beads, but you can have very different experiences with different materials. As with the anal plug, it is possible to heat or cool your anal rosary by passing it under water if it is made of metal. The sensations of a cold anal rosary can be very different from a warm anal rosary which makes it a versatile anal toy capable of giving you 1,000 and 1 pleasures. The shape of the pearls will also play a lot on the pleasure felt.

Vibrating anal beads are also available, bringing all the pleasure your anus desires. Rather than just letting them in to vibrate, with vibrating anal beads you can leave them in while you remove and reinsert them, which further stimulates the sensitive nerve endings in your anus. As a bonus, you can also use them in a woman's vagina to get interesting sensations with a different shape than a traditional dildo or penis.

In order to use an anal rosary in the best possible conditions, it is important to be attentive to your body and to listen to the sensations you are experiencing or offering. Softness and slowness will therefore be your best friends if you are new to the use of anal beads. It is therefore necessary to lubricate your tool well and then make the anal beads penetrate slowly so as not to rush your orifice but rather to caress it. Once all the erogenous zones of the buttocks are properly stimulated, it will promote orgasm if you use an anal plug or an anal dildo.

Anal Rosary: What are the different types ?

Although the simplest anal rosary is the classic model with rounded balls of increasing diameter, there is actually a wide variety of anal rosaries available. As with any sex toy, you have the usual choice of different materials, such as silicone, glass, metal, rubber, etc. Just like other sex toys, we always recommend a non-porous material, such as silicone, to a porous one. Although a little more expensive, non-porous toys are much safer, easier to clean and more durable than their porous counterparts.

You also have a number of options with the shapes and sizes of the balls, as well as the number of balls. Different patterns produce different sensations in your anal nerve endings. Even if you are satisfied with a classic anal rosary, sometimes it can be worth trying something new. For anal sex novices, it makes more sense to start with a classic toy while you get used to it and train, and then afterwards why not try a more extravagant model.

When you're really experienced, there are literally tons of options for pleasing your anus. Examples include textured, tapered, smooth, vibrating, double-penetrating, flexible, rigid/anal plug, and even straps on bead sets. Only you will be able to set yourself a limit...

Anal Rosary: How long can I wear it ?

Like an anal plug, there is not really a strict rule about how long you can wear a set of anal beads. The main limiting factor will be dryness of the lubricants or a feeling of discomfort. So make sure you use a high quality lubricant. If you decide to walk around while wearing them, keep a bottle handy so you can put them back on if you need them. Oil or silicone-based lubricants generally last longer than water-based lubricants, so they are preferable if you want to wear your rosary for a long time.

A definite rule is that it is not recommended to sleep wearing anal beads or any other type of anal toy. While you are unconscious, it is possible that a draught may occur at your anus, which would cause the toy to go in deeply with no possibility of removing it, and would undoubtedly mean a visit to the emergency room. Apart from that, you are free to experiment as you wish. We still advise you to take breaks every 3 hours maximum.

Anal Rosary : Is it a safe anal toy ?

Sometimes your anus may be slightly irritated if you regularly use anal toys, however this is not dangerous. The main consideration on this front is the base of the pearls. The safe way to approach an anal rosary is to choose one with good beads. So, if you want to use this toy for everyday life and therefore long-lasting wear, you will have to choose an anal rosary with a flared base to avoid the rosary being swallowed by your anus if there is a draught.

Never insert loose anal beads into your body, as they are sure to go up into your colon and will likely require surgery to remove them.

Other hazards you should watch out for when using your anal beads are general signs of wear and tear. If the surface of the pearls begins to degrade, you are still at risk of leaving parts of it in your body. Similarly, any sharp edges that may come from elements such as improper storage present a risk of internal cutting and bleeding. Make sure you look at your beads before you start using them and check each time.

Sharing anal toys is another topic that comes up often. In terms of safety, the anus contains many more bacteria and germs than other parts of the body. That's why sharing a dirty toy carries a huge risk of passing on certain bacteria to your partner, which could cause serious problems.

If you absolutely must share with a partner, treat him/her as you would a penetrative sex. If you think there is a risk of infection, protect the beads in a condom and replace it after use. If you have beads made of a non-porous material, it is relatively safe to share a set with someone else, as long as you clean them properly between uses. Despite this, we still recommend having separate anal toys for each person.

A final note on safety is the use of anaesthetic creams. While this may seem like a good idea for overcoming the initial obstacles of first anal intercourse, it's usually a recipe for disaster. Indeed, you should always listen to your body and that is why any pain during anal sex indicates that there is a problem, so we strongly advise against this kind of product.

Anal Rosary: the penultimate step : removing the anal beads from your anus

Once you have taken advantage of the anal dilation that the rosary offers your anus, it is now time to remove it. This part of the process is the part that will excite you the most because it is the most enjoyable part of the experience. There are two schools: those who like to remove the anal beads abruptly for sudden sexual pleasure and those who remove them slowly to get shivers of orgasmic excitement and perhaps anal orgasm.

Anal Rosary : How to clean it well ?

Cleaning the anal rosary is the same as many other sex toys, but we think it is worth mentioning because improper cleaning is the cause of all kinds of problems that people have with sex toys. First, you will need to know whether your beads are made of a non-porous material (usually silicone, glass or metal) or a porous material (usually almost anything else). This is important because porous materials can harbour bacteria on the surface of the beads, so you can never really clean them properly.

With non-porous toys, you can boil them (if they can withstand the heat) or clean them with hot soapy water. They should then be wiped off with paper towels and set aside until completely dry.

Porous toys, however, are much more delicate. Most of them will simply melt if you boil them, so it is best to use warm water. You should give them a good scrub to extract as much bacteria from the pores as possible, then dry them and store them in a clean place at room temperature.

Ropes also need some consideration when cleaning. If your beads are connected by silicone or some kind of frame, then the regular cleaning advice should be sufficient. However, if you have a rosary tied with a rope, you will have to be careful. Rope is an extremely porous material that requires deep cleaning.

We therefore recommend that you obtain a good quality, non-porous anal rosary, taking care to avoid string/cord.

As you can see, these little balls are much more complex than you previously thought. But try not to get discouraged! With all this information, you are finally ready to experience the intense pleasure of the anal rosary!