Role-playing is a great way to spice up any relationship by bringing a new sexual dynamic into the bedroom.

There are a multitude of possibilities for role-playing games, some will seem extreme or even funny to you, but one thing is sure, there is always a role-playing game that will please you.

The word fetish tends to have a bit of a bad reputation, usually associated with things like leather, latex, whips, bondage or feet.

In the end, a fetish is simply something that will turn you on sexually. If you like it, then why do you care what other people think ?


couple in a sex role play

We have prepared for you below an excellent list of role-playing games that perfectly match what a beginner might be looking for. It’s a great way to get your bearings in sexual role play.

If you enjoy one of these scenarios, you can intensify it over time by incorporating more and more objects or techniques into your scenarios. Here is the list of the most common games with a popularity index captured on a sample of 1000 couples :

  • Doctor or Nurse / Patient | Popularity 10/10 (It’s THE French favorite sex game)
  • Criminal / police officer or prison guard | Popularity 7/10
  • Pretend you don’t know each other (Stranger) | Popularity 8/10
  • Do-it-yourselfers | Popularity 5/10
  • Secretary / Businessman | Popularity 6/10
  • Stripper / customer | Popularity 10/10
  • Teacher Student | Popularity 9/10
  • Pirate / captive or young girl | Popularity 4/10
  • Photographer/model | Is this a role play or a reality?
  • Specific clothing (usually uniforms) | Popularity 8/10
  • Celebrity Role Playing Game or Modeling Game | Popularity 5/10

The list can go on and on. Basically, any situation with two or more people, usually wearing outfits that one of you finds attractive, can go from a sexual fantasy to a fetish. You can enjoy these scenarios as often as you like, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession.

Once you have chosen the role-playing theme, you are free to change the rules as you see fit so that you are in perfect harmony with your partner.

The key to a role-playing game that goes perfectly is undoubtedly communication. Talk to your partner to find out what excites him/her most and what his/her limits are.

It is impossible to define the real rules of a role-playing game, it can be as simple as pretending to be someone else in your own bedroom or as complex as booking a hotel room and picking up outfits with you “for the first time”. One thing is sure, changing environments and varying sexual activities is the most important thing in the development of a couple.



The following role-playing games are not common, simply because they are not as much talked about and are not popular, at least in France.

The United States has a very large number of players of games such as PetPlay or Pony Play. There is nothing wrong with trying new sexual practices, as long as they are safe and can turn you on. The scenarios we have prepared for you in this category seem to be a little more advanced and often incorporate many toys or aspects of BDSM.

This does not necessarily mean that these games involve pain, but rather a more different approach than a classic game. Here they are:

  • Slave / Master
  • Captive / Torturer
  • Animal / Owner or handler
  • Gender exchange
  • Inanimate object role-playing game, where one of the partners is a piece of clothing or furniture or even a sex doll.

If you and your partner decide to engage in this kind of role play, it is important to have a frank and open discussion in advance.

This can include written contracts, no-go areas and even code phrases to warn your partner that he’s going too far (kind of like 50 shades of grey). It is important that each partner fully trusts each other, without trust, role-playing can never really work.

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Fetishes can be a perfectly healthy practice for the human mind to explore. In fact, committing to some of your craziest desires can help you maintain a healthy balance in other parts of your life. For example, you will be less stressed and happier if you are sexually satisfied.

All too often, role-players have difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy. If you feel like you’re starting to lose control, it’s important to talk to someone. In that case, the best person to talk to is your doctor. You will be able to talk to him without taboos and without fear that he will repeat it to others.


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