The metal anal plug

Why is the metal anal plug so popular? It’s very simple: imagine the icy feeling of metal entering your anus, with its stiff, solid hard material slowly penetrating you and your narrow anus swallowing the anal plug all the way through. Then comes the feeling of fullness caused by the heaviness of the material, the intense pleasure of a desire that has become reality and the feeling of being a slave to your sex toy to which your body will react. Accompanied or not, this anal plug is simply what you need to have an intense orgasmic moment. Who would have thought that a simple metal anal plug could do so much ?

Metal anal plug: the advantages

Metal anal plugs are among the most appreciated anal plugs according to the opinion of many practitioners. After having explained in detail the soft sensation they will give you, let’s now present its many advantages.

  • The material. For your safety, our anal plugs are made with high quality materials to guarantee your health and safety. If you take care of it, you will be able to keep this plug forever without any rust settling in.
  • The shape. We make sure that our metal anal plugs are perfectly shaped. Because metal is non-flexible, it is imperative for us that the plug can penetrate your anus perfectly.
  • The base of our metal plugs (the bottom). We put a particular detail as for the finishing of our bases so that the metal anal plug does not enter your anus entirely, as well as the comfort which they will get to you if you decide to have sexual intercourse with the anal plug in you.
  • Finally, the sensation. And on this point, it’s hard for us to tell you which one we prefer because they’re all our favourites. The metal plugs are really great because they can be passed under hot water to increase their temperature or on the contrary, they can be passed under cold water to freeze them and give you exclusive sensations.
  • As we said before, the metal anal plug will really give you that feeling of being filled, and on top of that it will stretch your anus in a perfect way, a metal anal plug with decoration, in addition to its usual function will be able to excite your partner and make him beastly like you have never seen before. The pressure exerted by the metal will not be similar to any other possible plug material.
metal anal plug blue diamond

The metal plug: which shape to choose ?

Metal anal plugs come in many different and varied shapes. Each shape is specific and will not provide the same effects as another, the same goes for the aesthetics of your metal plug as well as its base. Of course, the classic shape is also available, which will give you great anal pleasure and is also suitable for beginners. Then comes the metal anal plug and its spiral shape, which allows an easier insertion and various sensations that will stimulate all the nerve endings of your anus. Finally, there are several models of metal plugs that are longer or with a special shape, these will be more suitable for men because they can stimulate the prostate which has the reminder is the G-spot in a man. The metal anal plugs are so varied that there are some for all tastes then do not hesitate any more to please your anus !

Metal anal plug : who is it for ?

With its different shapes and sizes, the metal anal plug is an excellent choice. This plug can appeal to beginners who have never practiced sodomy, it will rekindle the flame of many couples but it can also contribute to solo masturbation sessions. This is why the metal anal plug is by far one of the best anal plugs we can offer on the shop.

The metal anal plug provides more pleasure than a silicone plug because it is rigid due to its material. Moreover, you will just have to heat it under hot water and once in your anus, a feeling of ecstasy will take hold of you. With a metal anal plug in itself, the orgasm you will reach will have nothing to do with a classic vaginal, penile or prostate orgasm. If you have a novelty oriented sexual behavior and love sex above all else without being too BDSM oriented, you absolutely need a metal anal plug in your bedside table.

During foreplay, when the caresses and excitement start to build up, this is the best time to insert the metal anal plug into your partner’s anus. This simple little object will turn out to be a powerful sexual stimulant.

In addition, we have metal plugs in all sizes. If you are a beginner, size S will suit you but you will quickly move on to size M. Once you reach the size M threshold, you will finally be able to taste the sexual pleasure that the size L will bring you. It is important to go little by little with the plugs in order to accustom your sphincter muscles and not to cause you anal tearing. However, don’t panic because a tear is more common with a size XL plug and is still very rare.

Our opinion: The metal anal plug is to be preferred whatever your progress in the discovery of anal sensations. Adapt its size according to your desires and it won’t take long before you really fall in love with the metal anal plug.

Metal Anal Plug : Think about cleaning

It can never be stressed enough, it is imperative to wash your anal toy before and after each use! To do so, nothing complicated, you will just have to clean it under hot water with soap. We also remind you to always use a good anal lubricant with its metal plug because it facilitates the insertion and extraction of the plug. It is also important to say that a plug is not shared until it has been washed.