The best sexual positions with an anal plug

The best sexual positions with an anal plug

Exploring different sexual positions is something everyone likes to do. Let’s face it, once you realize the incredible pleasure that anal sex can bring you, there’s no turning back. In fact, the search for new sexual practices is quite common.

If you’ve ever tried different types of anal plugs, you probably know which one you prefer. However, if you haven’t tried to wear a plug during sex with your partner, you don’t know what you’re missing!

But don’t worry, we’re here to give you expert advice on the perfect sexual positions when wearing an anal plug.

How can you be prepared ?

prepare your anus

First of all, before you engage in a game of anal sex, you need to prepare yourself, or rather, prepare your anus. Don’t forget that it is always important to apply a lot of lubricant. When we say a lot, we really mean a lot. Don’t be stingy, the more the better.

In addition, when choosing a lubricant, you should choose a water-based formula because it is the safest to use with virtually all types of anal plugs.

Discuss what you want to do with your partner...

partner discution

Confidence is essential when you have sex of any kind. Discuss what you’d like to do with your partner. It’s important that you’re both on the same page before you start doing anything.

Also, it may be useful to establish a “safe word”, in case things get too intense, so keep that in mind.

Also, if you are uncomfortable with something your partner wants, it’s best to let him/her know in advance.

Gets the most out of vaginal stimulation

The best sexual positions with an anal plug

Here’s the deal, when you enjoy vaginal stimulation while wearing an anal plug, your vagina will tighten. It makes sex that much more enjoyable for you and your partner.

In addition, if your partner has a prostate, you should encourage him/her to also use an anal plug. In the end, a plug will stimulate his prostate, making sex purely awesome!

I mean, if you really want it to be exciting, you can use a vibrating plug. Trust us, your orgasm will be explosive !

Practicing or receiving oral sex

Practicing oral sex

Oral sex with an anal plug is exactly like traditional oral sex, except it’s a million times better!

No matter whether you’re giving or receiving a treat, anal plug-ins make it more enjoyable.

If you receive stimulation from your partner, the plug will allow you to feel every movement on a deeper and more intense level than you could have imagined. Especially if you use a vibrating plug.

Plus, your orgasms will be much more intense!

The elongated doggystyle

The best sexual positions with an anal plug

For the doggystyle lying down, you will have to insert your anal plug and lie down on your stomach. Your partner must then lie on top of you and penetrate you from behind.

You probably understand why this position is called the doggy-style lying down.

Basically, what makes this position so pleasant is that every time your partner penetrates you, he will also bang your anal plug, which will give you double the pleasure.

Classic doggy style

Classic doggy style

This position is one of the most classic and appreciated, and it only gets better by adding an anal plug in the equation.

Just put yourself in the “classic” doggy-style position, let your partner insert your anal plug, and off you go! Also, you can ask your partner to wear one as well, and it will most certainly become your favourite position !

Blindfolded sex

The best sexual positions with an anal plug

There’s something incredibly exciting about blindfolding. If you want to have unexpected sensations, add a vibrating plug to it and everything will become more intense.

Insert your new toy and let your partner blindfold you. Now all you have to do is wait for the pleasure to come to you.

Let your partner control the stimulation, and you won’t know where the pleasure is coming from which will make it even more exciting.

The overturned horse

The best sexual positions with an anal plug

Insert your anal plug, and ask your partner to lie down on his back, then climb on top of him like a fierce cowgirl with his buttocks in his direction.

This position is great because it allows your partner to penetrate and stimulate you with the anal plug at the same time.

Try your own positions

Try your own positions

As you can see, all traditional positions work very well with an anal plug. But, if you feel even more adventurous, why not try to innovate and try positions that you enjoy?

Find out which sexual position is best for you and your partner in normal circumstances, and add an anal plug. Nothing like a little experimentation to get your love juice flowing!

Also, you can add a little spanking or flogging. Why not enjoy BDSM while you’re at it? With anal plugs, there really is no limit to what you can do together.

If you have a vibrating plug, you can attach your partner to the headboard and watch him squirm with pleasure while you control the stimulation he receives!

The final word

If you thought sex was just about doggy style, we hope you know more now. Anal plugs are the best sex toys to stimulate you and help you reach new heights of pleasure.

There are so many things you can do with an anal plug, and we hope we’ve at least made you want to try a few.

Don’t be shy or you might miss out on something pretty spectacular!

Remember to always add more lubricant whenever you feel uncomfortable, and remember to stay hydrated.


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