The Secrets of the Anal Orgasm (Squirting)

This is a very controversial article, but we’re going to set the record straight for you so that you can finally find out whether anal and even vaginal ejaculations in women are real phenomena or just the product of curious imaginations.

Unfortunately, few studies have been done on female ejaculation and those that have been done are usually conducted informally or on very small groups of women. However, it seems that the action known as “squirting” is true. If you are curious, we invite you to read this article so that you finally know the truth.


For many women, ejaculation is very real. Women may squirt from their vagina or anus during sex. A woman about to squirter will initially feel like she wants to urinate, but ejaculate is not a urinary act, however it usually involves a clear or whitish liquid that spurts out after an orgasm.

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Health professionals are reluctant to name this fluid because they have not studied the phenomenon enough to know exactly how it is produced.

Although women do not have a prostate, the term “female prostate” usually refers to the Skene glands or Skene ducts, small glands located at the front of the vagina.

Another interesting fact about female ejaculation is that most women say that in order to ejaculate while having sex, they have to manipulate their bodies in some way, especially in the anal and vaginal areas.

This means that female ejaculations are not necessarily natural, but some claim that any woman can learn to ejaculate if she wants to, which may or may not be true.

When it comes to female ejaculations, different “experts” have different opinions.

Sex therapists say that when women force their bodies to squirt, they can actually damage their pelvic muscles, and porn filmmakers, who “capture” a lot of squirts on film, testify that they’re not convinced that this action is “real”.

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When women squirt during anal or vaginal sex, it’s usually because they push back and forth with their pelvic area. During sexual intercourse, a lot of fluids come into play so it is normal that they are expelled after orgasm.

Many women say that this fluid can leak out abundantly after an orgasm, but again, this is probably the natural moisture that results from a woman’s arousal before and during intercourse.

In fact, many porn actresses have admitted that certain tricks were used to make it look like she was “squirting” on video. It is actually water that is first introduced into the vagina or anus to make it look like a real ejaculation.

Other people say that actresses just let a little urine flow after they come.

However, some women who squirt during vaginal or anal sex swear the phenomenon is real, and this seems to be true, as many different women have seen either a thick, white or thin, slightly lighter liquid squirt out of their orifices after reaching orgasm. after reaching orgasm during sex.

Of course, the act of squirting in women seems to be relatively rare because only a handful of women have experienced it and few experience it on a regular basis.

Because of all these things, it is easy to understand why it is difficult to get the truth about female ejaculation.

As this phenomenon has not been fully studied, it is essentially up to the researcher to decide whether or not it exists and what the different types of spurts are.


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There are actually many types of spurts, but the two main ones are the anal spurt and the vaginal spurt.

Many neurologists have stated that the small amount of milky white fluid expelled after an orgasm is primarily associated with vaginal intercourse and usually consists of urine mixed with substances from the prostate gland.

In fact, physiologically, this liquid is chemically similar to urine and may even contain small amounts of PSA, according to neurologists.

Some women reject urine when they squirt, while others think it is a combination of urine and other fluids. So every woman is different.

Another interesting feature is the amount of fluid that can come out during an orgasm. Some women squirt barely enough liquid to fill a shot glass, while others squirt so much that they can flood the room.

Since many women are struggling to get squeezed, there are now courses that teach this technique, which normally involves teaching them how to apply pressure to the G spot area and coordinate the release of the pelvic floor muscles simultaneously.

This flattens the angle between the bladder and the urethra and makes it more difficult to hold all types of fluid inside the bladder.



Sometimes research on female ejaculation produces results that differ from the real experiences of many women, making it difficult to understand what is real and what is imaginary.

Women who swear that they have had the experience of squirting are convinced that this is what happens, and since many of the few studies on this phenomenon are conducted by male scientists, it is not surprising that there is some conflict between the different parties.

Ejaculations are rare among women, and since there are so few “official” studies on the phenomenon, the percentage of women who have had ejaculations always varies from one study to another.

Most of them, however, claim that up to 30% of all women have already ejaculated. Of course, this “up to” can be misleading, and some studies have indicated that this number is as low as 11%, which means that the actual total may actually be quite low.

To make things even more interesting and confusing, many of the women in these studies said that they had only experienced the sensation of squirting or ejaculating once or twice in their lives.

This means that even though the number of women who have experienced the spray reaches 30%, the fact that many of them have experienced it only a few times gives an idea of its rarity.

Fortunately, ejaculations such as other sexual activities can occur whenever the genitals and anus are stimulated, even if you stimulate them yourself by masturbating.

Therefore, if you want to add this activity to your sex bucketlist, you can always try it alone and then if it works talk to your partner about it.



According to most gynaecologists, most women are able to squirt, but simply don’t know how or are simply not interested in this type of activity. When women have an orgasm, they all ejaculate a little, because there is moisture and fluid inside the vagina or anus that has to come out.

For this reason, there is always a type of fluid that is expelled immediately after an orgasm. The amount and type of fluid depends mainly on whether one of the glands inside the vagina is a “squirting” gland or a normal gland, and it is impossible to know.

For good reason, there are a number of women who will never experience squirting, no matter how much they practice and try.

Many factors can affect your ability to squirt, including the type of glands you have and their ability to produce the amount of fluid you need to squirt.

The amount of stimulation you receive also affects your ability to squirt. Therefore, squirting is not necessarily something you have total control over.

Also, when some women squirt, they are simply releasing urine from their bladder, making it difficult to determine whether the spray that comes out is a real squirt or just urine.

All this means that while many women are able to squirt, it is not for everyone, despite what happens in pornographic films.


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As mentioned earlier, the type and number of glands inside the vagina have a lot to do with whether or not you can squirt.

Female ejaculations are very common in pornographic movies, suggesting that they are easier to obtain than they actually are. The truth, however, is that squirting is rare and even quite difficult for most women.

The pressure some women feel to squirt can also affect them psychologically, which means that the chances of squirting can actually decrease if you try to imitate what you see in porn movies.

Most of the orgasms you get from making love, including ejaculations, are due to being aroused, which is affected by many different things.

If you are trying to ejaculate, the best thing to do is to relax and relieve yourself so that you don’t experience unnecessary stress before and during sex.

If your glands are not conducive to squirting, you won’t be able to squirter, no matter how long you try. In addition, the amount of excitement you feel can increase the chances of squirting, and many women simply aren’t excited enough to experience it.

Women, more than men, need to be psychologically and physically prepared for successful sexual activity of all kinds, and if they lack something, they simply won’t be able to come, let alone squirrel.


Like the orgasm before it, squirting after sex has definite physical and emotional benefits. On the one hand, ejaculating is a type of relaxation that gives the body and mind a superior feeling of well-being. Many women describe it as liberating.

One of the reasons this is true is that a woman’s G-spot contains many of her emotions and feelings, both negative and positive, so that when it springs up she can get rid of many bad thoughts. It’s a way to release the many feelings she has inside.

Other benefits of female ejaculation include:

  • It increases the flow of sexual energy in your body.
  • It gives you more creativity in the bedroom.
  • This can lead to a spiritual awakening.
  • It gives you a sense of empowerment.
  • This allows you to become more familiar with your body.

Not only do you release fluids, but you also release emotional energy that greatly improves your mood and even your overall outlook on life.

Simply put, female orgasms and ejaculations allow you to release and relieve a lot of physical and emotional tension.



According to many women, squirting itself seems to be an integral part of orgasm. Because the amount of fluid released varies from woman to woman, some women hardly notice when it happens to them, while others feel it a lot because they release a lot of fluid.

The spray can range from a light net to a flood that wets all around you. Every woman is different and your own experience may vary from one sexual escapade to another.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to feel when you squirt, the feeling can be summed up in one word : wet.



When it comes to squirting, many women wonder exactly what is being squirted out of their bodies at that moment. Again, it depends on the article you’re reading, but most researchers agree on a number of points.

First of all, if the fluid comes from the bladder, it is probably just urine. However, if it comes from one of the many glands in the vaginal area, it is usually urine mixed with other substances in these glands, including PSA, which is also present in male ejaculation.

What does it all mean? This means that instead of expelling one type of fluid from one source, there are actually two types of fluid from two different sources. This includes urine that comes out of a woman’s urethra and urine mixed with substances from the female prostate.

In addition to PSA, there are other enzymes and proteins in the fluid that women squirt out, including human protein 1 and PDE5, as well as water, electrolytes and various sugars.

However, the PSA mentioned above, which is the main contribution of the prostate gland in women, is not found in every woman’s vagina. Skene’s glands are different sizes and shapes in different women, which affects how their emissions travel into the bladder at the time of orgasm.

It is often difficult to determine exactly what fluid is released during ejaculation, partly because it is difficult to study this fluid.

It is interesting to note that in Great Britain, pornographic films do not allow the fact of squirting to be shown, mainly because it goes against the obscenity laws which explicitly state that no sexual act involving urine may be shown on the screen.


Just as orgasms don’t just happen during sex with a partner, female ejaculations don’t just happen during an orgasm. In fact, when a woman is properly stimulated, it is possible for them to experience a female ejaculation without orgasm and even without a partner.

In some ways, getting there is a little more difficult and challenging than when you have sex with a partner and you’re completely turned on, but it’s not impossible.

Some women, including those who find it difficult to have an orgasm, find it easier to squirt than to come any other way. As long as it is stimulated by fingers, sex toys or any other object, it can squirt, even if it never reaches orgasm during the process.


clitoris anatomy

Skene’s glands are often compared to a man’s prostate, but the two are naturally not alike. Although all glands in the prostate look the same, Skene’s glands in women can vary in size and shape, and no one really knows what their main purpose is.

However, these glands? which are located in the upper part of the vagina, act in some ways just like the prostate, which is why they are called the female prostate.

One of the ways that the Skene glands affect ejaculation is due to the size of the gland. When a woman has large glands, she may have more intense squirting episodes and may squirt a lot more fluid.

Although glands were first recognized at the end of the 17th century, many drawings and diagrams of the female anatomy do not yet mention them.

Since many people think that these glands are actually conduits and not glands, they are often called Skene’s conduits.

Again, the larger the glands in Skene, the more a woman is able to squirt, so the squirting is more intense when these glands are large.


Squirting with anele stimulation is certainly possible and in fact many women experience more intense squirting when they have anal sex than when they do during regular vaginal sex.

The anal muscles are filled with many sensitive nerve endings. Therefore, when an anus is properly stimulated, many erotic things can happen, including a female ejaculation.

Not only does anal intercourse allow many women to ejaculate without vaginal sex, but many women report that it is also much more intense than what they experience during vaginal sex.

Of course, just because you squirt during anal sex doesn’t mean you’ll also have an orgasm. In fact, many women experience squirting during anal sex, but never have an orgasm, even when they squirt several times during sex.

Let’s face it, more than anything else, squirting is a physical reaction to the pressure you feel when you are having sex at that time, when there are both physical and emotional aspects to having an orgasm.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that squirting during anal sex has to be routine and boring. Indeed, most women who squirt during anal sex claim that it can be as intense as other sexual outcomes, including orgasms.



In addition to foreplay, which is always important in anal sex, there are ways to increase the chances of experiencing a female ejaculation during your next sexual act. Being mentally and physically prepared for anal sex will greatly help you ejaculate once intercourse is in full swing.

One of the things you can do to prepare for your squirting session is to practice the Kegel exercises, because the muscles that are strengthened during this exercise are the same muscles that you will use when you squirt.

Kegel exercises are a way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and the exercises are performed by pressing down and inward simultaneously. In a sitting position, practice this method of pressing and releasing in groups of 10 and work up to three or four sets of 10 as you wish.

Don’t rush, but practice your Kegel exercises once or twice a day and you will notice a big difference both inside and outside the room. Here are some more tips to prepare yourself to ejaculate during anal sex:

  • Regular massages. Most people have very tight muscles due to stress and lifestyle, but regular massage will keep your muscles supple and more relaxed, releasing your sexual energy.
  • Find out what your psychological barriers are so you can get rid of them. Today’s culture often shames women who are comfortable with their sexuality, but it shouldn’t be that way. Make sure there’s nothing emotionally holding you back from having a good time.
  • Make sure you use lots of lubricant. All types of anal sexual activity require a lot of lubricant. This is because the anus is not self-lubricated like the vagina. So make sure you buy and use lots of lubricant during anal sex if you want to experience a female ejaculation.
  • Never try to hold back when you feel you are reaching orgasm. Instead, push, which increases the chances that you will ejaculate properly afterwards. Many women do not allow themselves to experience this climax because they feel they are losing control of the situation. Big mistake if you want to experience female ejaculation.
  • Stay hydrated. The more fluid you have in your body, the better your ejaculation will be. Drink plenty of water regularly and keep a glass of water on the bedside table so that you can moisturize just before sex and even afterwards. A hydrated body also allows you to squirt more than once during sex.
  • Don’t wear high heels very often. It sounds strange, but the truth is that wearing high heels can change the way you rotate your pelvic bone, which can affect your ability to ejaculate. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but without wearing high heels, your female ejaculation may be more intense.

There is another important thing to do to increase the intensity of your ejaculation. Often, a woman is reluctant to let go and experience squirting because she feels like she is peeing instead, which can be embarrassing.

If you empty your bladder before you get to the bedroom, you’ll know that instead of urinating, the urge you feel is actually a squirt, which means you can let go and experience ecstasy.


If you want your wife to experience squirt during anal sex, it requires physical and psychological preparation.

This applies to both beginners and more experienced people, because without the right kind of preparation it is very difficult to achieve squirt. The other steps are as follows:

  • Make sure the mood is right. Prepare a romantic setting that can include candles, wine, soft lights and soft music so you can both feel good.
  • Just relax. Sit or lie down in the correct position and make sure that both your bodies are free of tension and completely relaxed.
  • Do not go any further unless you are completely convinced that you have enough time to complete the act and that you will not be disturbed for a while.
  • Put towels on the bed so as not to ruin it.
  • Find and stimulate its G-spot, which is on the vaginal wall, about 2-3cm from the opening and towards the stomach.
  • After applying a lot of lubricant, slowly stimulate the G-spot area and explore it thoroughly.
  • If she feels like she’s about to urinate, you’re probably close.
  • Women who wish to squirt should be comfortable with their bodies, and keep in mind that it may not happen the first time.

Patience is a must, but if you have the right attitude, the right preparation and the right tools, including the lubricant, it will probably end up happening for the best of you.


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As in all areas, there are sexual positions that are more conducive to squirting a woman.

Keep in mind that this will only happen if the G-spot is extremely well stimulated. Nevertheless, even with proper stimulation, you will still need a good position to make things easier and more enjoyable.

There are three main positions that work well when you want to increase your chances of causing a squirt:

  • Girl on top. In this position, the woman must lean back slightly while the man rubs the frontal vaginal wall continuously throughout the sexual act. If you want to be a little more aggressive, ask him to lean back a little more so that the G-spot is easier to reach.
  • Missionary. Yes, some amazing things can happen with this standard sexual position. Raise her buttocks with a pillow and bend her knees and place her feet flat on the bed so that it is much easier to reach her G-spot. She can even bring her legs back and spread them further apart for a more intense experience.
  • Doggy style, down. In this position, the woman lies on her stomach and spreads her legs just enough for the man to penetrate her. The vaginal walls are then much tighter, making squirting easier.


Once you’ve learned a few basic techniques, it’s much easier to make a woman squirt. Some of the techniques are basic and standard, while others are really for more experienced practitioners. These techniques are as follows:

  • Intense caresses. Once you have found its G-spot, rub it back and forth and then switch to circular motions. Once accustomed, insert two fingers and do the same until orgasm occurs.
  • Once the G-spot is well stimulated, amplify your movements and increase the speed by making a movement as if you were asking someone to come to you: forward and backward movement with your fingers.

You can even invent your own techniques if you want to. The important thing is to find the G-spot and make sure it is stimulated, use lots of lubricant and don’t rush the activity, as this is the only way to make the experience memorable.


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