Wearing an Anal Plug During Pregnancy

Although many women agree that pregnancy is an absolute joy, sometimes it is quite difficult to have fun carrying a baby.

Hemorrhoids, constipation and general discomfort are the main reasons why women decide not to have sex, which can sometimes lead to discontent and the general deterioration of a relationship.

After all, if sex during pregnancy is low risk, there should be no reason not to have fun!

However, doctors often mention safety precautions that every pregnant woman should listen to.

When you have sex without a baby in your womb, you are only responsible for yourself. On the other hand, when you’re pregnant, you have to think about the baby.

You have to consider that anal sex, oral sex or even regular sex could influence the child. It is therefore wise to consult this kind of article, so it is a very good intention on your part.

However, consideration does not mean not having fun at all. In fact, one of the most popular sex toys among pregnant women today is the anal plug.

These have many advantages in terms of pleasure and general comfort when used correctly. So they’re the number one in America.


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According to many online users and their personal experiences, it is perfectly safe to use an anal plug during pregnancy.

However, something as safe as using a small anal plug can turn into a total disaster if you suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids will make it difficult to relax the sphincters with an anal plug, and a cut can cause a lot of blood to flow. This means that if some hemorrhoids break out, as they often do, it will be very painful.

You may not even be able to insert the plug, no matter how much lubricant you use.

Constipation, on the other hand, can lead to general discomfort and dissatisfaction. Also, since it means you can’t go to the bathroom, putting an anal plug in your anus seems a bit contradictory.

However, some users claim that anal plugs can actually help transit! Inserting an anal plug will dilate your sphincters and therefore cause a signal that may help you to have a bowel movement.

Basically, if you’ve had a normal pregnancy so far, you can perfectly use an anal plug. In fact, it might even be a fun way to spice up your love life until the kid comes along. However, it is always better to be careful; when a baby is involved, the rules that apply to plugs must be respected at all costs.



So what can happen if a woman uses an anal plug even though the baby is still in her uterus?

If the pregnancy is low risk and the woman has not had any health problems, she and her baby should be fine. In addition, if she is used to wearing the anal plug often and feels no discomfort, the doctor will probably say that it is perfectly safe.

However, for women who have had bleeding, hemorrhoids, constipation or any other health problem that may be considered risky, anal plugs should be avoided.

All kinds of tensions can make it harder for a woman to feel pleasure, and it can make her feel even more uncomfortable than she already does.

Placenta praevia

There is a certain level of danger that involves placenta previa and the use of anal plugs (among other anal toys) or anal sex.

Placenta previa is a condition that occurs when the placenta is located very low in the uterus. In simple terms, this means that it can partially or completely cover the cervix.

For example, during anal intercourse or when using sex toys that are too long and too large, the placenta can be damaged and the woman may experience heavy bleeding.

As such, physicians generally advise women with placenta previa not to have sexual intercourse.


It must also be taken into account that some bacteria can easily spread from sex toys and have disastrous consequences.

Even when you are not pregnant, it is essential to never share an anal plug and to clean it thoroughly after use. Otherwise, bacteria can easily spread and multiply, which could lead to a bacterial infection.

Some people actually recommend using a condom with the anal plug on a regular basis. In this way, you will create a barrier between your body and the bacteria and avoid many problems.

But don’t forget to wash the anal plug afterwards, just in case there is a problem !


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The first piece of advice on this list has essentially nothing to do with anal plug-ins per se.

However, it is crucial to mention this because, from time to time, doctors may warn women and tell them not to participate in vaginal or anal sex.

Most often, they fear that orgasm may trigger premature labour, which can sometimes happen.

So if you want to keep the baby indoors until the due date, be sure to ask your doctor what you can and cannot do. Chances are they say that anal plug-ins are a sure thing, but it’s better if you ask so that you feel totally reassured.


It may be obvious now, but there’s no harm in repeating it once again: during pregnancy, you absolutely must wash your anal plug before and after use.

In general, this is why most people recommend using a condom with every sex toy during pregnancy.

Of course, people in long-term relationships may not have to use condoms. However, the risks are too great to ignore, especially if you also take STDs into account.

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It is of the utmost importance not to continue when you feel discomfort and even if you begin to feel pleasure.

The baby can sense that its mother is in distress. That way, if you feel stressed, you put unnecessary pressure on him.

This can easily lead to complications, not to mention premature labour. Therefore, if you don’t feel well, remove the anal plug and find another way to make you feel better.


It is crucial that you never forcefully insert an anal plug, and the same rule applies when you are pregnant. If you’re too rough, you could easily get hurt and that would require a medical consultation.

You must also take into account the fact that your body is delicate during pregnancy. Each contact feels a little stronger than usual during these nine months.

So, if you and your partner are eager to play a little, consider using lots of lubricant. Most importantly, go as smoothly as you can, inch by inch if you have to.


If you’re pregnant, it’s best to stick to conventional, no-nonsense lubricants that don’t contain artificial fragrances or added functionality.

As you may already know, pregnant women are already at a high enough risk of fighting a yeast infection. So there’s no need to get into more trouble.

In the end, natural lubricants or those containing the safest ingredients are the best choice.


As we said, any pregnant body is too sensitive for anything rough, so it’s crucial to choose the right plug.

Smaller plugs make the most sense because they will be a little more comfortable to wear. However, if the plug is too small, it could easily slip out, which is annoying in the long run.

Basically, there are pros and cons to every plug, and if you’re a beginner, and pregnant, it’s not the best time to start experimenting.

Also, beware of poor quality anal plugs. Some discount brands may use materials containing phthalates to make their plugs, which can disrupt hormones and cause real damage.

The final word

As far as we know, wearing an anal plug during pregnancy is not a problem. However, anal sex can sometimes be quite dangerous and lead to unnecessary side effects.

As such, it is essential that you consult your doctor and determine if an anal plug is safe for you. If you have a low-risk pregnancy, chances are you can safely use an anal plug.


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